127 Entries Received for Intl Children’s Film Festival

127 Entries Received for Intl Children’s Film Festival

Hyderabad, Oct.30 : Children’s Film Society, India’s ‘Little Directors’ programme, which was initially started in International Children’s Film Festival in 2013, has now gone rural in the country, where workshops are being planned for the rural children from the age groups of 7-16, enabling them to make their own films.

To begin with, CFSI would hold Little Directors programme in the Rural areas of Bihar and Rajasthan, slowly entering other states including Maharashtra. In the pilot programme, which concluded last week, CFSI, in partnership with World Bank-DIME and Asian Centre for Entertainment Education (ACEE) conducted workshops under ‘Little Directors’ programme for the rural and underprivileged children in Bihar.

Dr. Shravan Kumar, CEO, Children’s Film Society, India said, “Our concept ‘Little Directors’ has been one of the most unique experiments anywhere in the world being conducted in a professional environment through trained experts. Our biennial event 20th International Children’s Film Festival 2017, which is scheduled to be held Hyderabad from 8th to 14th of November will be showcasing these films to the International audience. Moreover, the children in the age of 13 to 1 years 8 have made films on khadi, local weave & fabric and on the rapidly growing textiles mission in Bihar, where they have spoken about how they see careers as entrepreneurs in the industry of fashion today.” .

For the 20th Film Festival, we have received 179 entries so far, out of which 101 are from India and the remaining from over 30 countries. This clearly indicates that the festival has gained popularity world over, added Dr. Kumar.

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